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*incoherent squee of joy*

Beth Reisgraf, the wonderful woman who plays Parker on Leverage, is going to be on next week's NCIS.

*happy dance*
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Drabbles for the first ten people who reply :D

Offer me a prompt from one of the following fandoms: SGA, SG-1, Sanctuary, NCIS: LA, Leverage, CSI (NY or Vegas), or Warehouse 13, and I will write you a drabble! AUs are always welcome. ^^


(Notes: I don't do heavy slash, angst or really anything above a light R. Also, my preferred pairings in Leverage are Parker/Eliot and Nate/Sophie. Erm, that's about it, really)
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Title: The Lost Episode Job
Fandom: Leverage/His Dark Materials fusion
Pairing(s): Eliot/Parker, Nate/Sophie
Rating: PG-13/T
Betas: [ profile] fortysixthhour and [ profile] shinealightonme. Thanks so much, ladies!
Warning: Language, but nothing you wouldn't hear on the show.
Word Count: 15,261
Summary: The Leverage team has to pull a job on an enterprising media mogul/game show host. Eliot and Parker play the part of an engaged couple competing on the game show, Dare To Win, while Nate, Sophie, and Hardison con the host into thinking they're part of a company that wants to bring more attention to Dare to Win than just airing on the local TV stations. His Dark Materials/Leverage fusion.

Found here at AO3 or here at

Fanart here, thanks to [ profile] sian1359.
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Have decided to join the [ profile] au_bigbang challenge. My idea/plotty-mcplot-plot? A Leverage / His Dark Materials fusion- the Leverage team with daemons! Now all I have to figure out is what would fit best for each team member as their daemon. I know Parker's is going to have to be small, and they're all probably going to have to be somewhat nondescript- well, maybe not Sophie's; perhaps a Bird of Paridise or something along those lines?

Any ideas, o f-list?
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Come join in the Luurve!

Secret Snap Cup Meme

Remember to post anonymously!

Also, Leverage this week? Continues to be made of Awesomesauce +infinity.


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