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Just saw this on Twitter, and had to share it with you. It's a cool behind-the-scenes look at Sanctuary, with an awesome Jonathon Young interview at about a minute and forty seconds in. ^^
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So, I just realized that Read more... )

On an entirely unrelated note, next week's episode looks awesome, as usual.
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So, there's this thing called, and it's basically this AI that responds to anything you type in a entry field. The answer it gives may or may not be related to what you put in. Being the geek I am, I decided to have some fun with it...

Randomness, ahoy! )

TL;DR: I have far too much fun being geeky.
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*incoherent squee of joy*

Beth Reisgraf, the wonderful woman who plays Parker on Leverage, is going to be on next week's NCIS.

*happy dance*
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I feel silly and witty I have no idea how to finish this sentence. )

On other notes, I think I need either an Iron Man icon or a Sherlock Holmes icon. Perferably both. Or maybe an Avatar icon. Yes, I liked that movie. Hush.
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These videos are like crack. But the good kind of crack.

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So, Jonathan Coulton? It's the perfect music for NaNoWriMo. One of my favorites of his is "Code Monkey". *loves*

I'm a geek, and I'm perfectly fine with that. ^^
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Clicky-click! )

First person to write a crack!fic or ficlet based on this gets a virtual prize of their choice.

Oh Hai!

Oct. 30th, 2009 02:41 am
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Okay, so compare these two pictures for me, and tell me what you think:

Picture one )

Picture two )

Creepy, Y/N?
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Though when I saw

this )

I had to laugh. It made me think of the game Settlers of Catan...
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Today is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. Discuss.
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I was playing the Sims 2 (I'm too cheap to get the Sims 3, so sue me), and had heard about something you could do that was so utterly ridiculous that I had to try it out. I've only got one screenshot of it, but I think that it explains itself...

Oh, Sims 2. Your logic engine needs some work... )


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