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So, I just realized that Read more... )

On an entirely unrelated note, next week's episode looks awesome, as usual.
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I just watched the mid-season premiere, and was bouncing in glee by the end of it, though I was disappointed by the lack of even a mention of Tesla in the episode; even the "Previously, on Sanctuary" clips glossed over him. Still, I'm excited for the rest of the season, especially with what the Season Teaser showed us. ^^

All I can say is there'd better be a good amount of Tesla in this week's episode. Just sayin'.

On a totally unrelated side note, I saw the commercial for Portal 2 at least three times tonight, and geeked out every time. I can't wait for it to be released, though it might be a little while before I get it myself.
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So, there's this thing called, and it's basically this AI that responds to anything you type in a entry field. The answer it gives may or may not be related to what you put in. Being the geek I am, I decided to have some fun with it...

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TL;DR: I have far too much fun being geeky.
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You know what just absolutely sold the new Sanctuary episode, "For King and Country", for me this week? The fact that they had Jonathon Young do a Serbian accent for Victorian!Tesla. Observe:

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You know what would be funny? A parody/humor/mystery story where the opening line is: "And in other news, Mystery Inc is still on trial for the numerous allegations of wrongdoing & crimes committed during their long career as 'detectives'." 'Cause seriously, over the years, Scooby & friends did lots of B&E, numerous counts of harrassment, and a myriad of other things, including destruction of property. Does anyone else see the potential for awesomeness here? I do. I would so totally read/ buy this if it was a book.

The main people would be the real private detectives of Whereverthehell, USA, Scooby Doo! was based. You know, the people who don't make the news or have mysteries fall into their laps.

Or, this could be an epic roleplay....

EDIT: Now with forums!

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So, Jonathan Coulton? It's the perfect music for NaNoWriMo. One of my favorites of his is "Code Monkey". *loves*

I'm a geek, and I'm perfectly fine with that. ^^
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First person to write a crack!fic or ficlet based on this gets a virtual prize of their choice.


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