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I love this video. 'Nuff said.

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So, there's this thing called, and it's basically this AI that responds to anything you type in a entry field. The answer it gives may or may not be related to what you put in. Being the geek I am, I decided to have some fun with it...

Randomness, ahoy! )

TL;DR: I have far too much fun being geeky.
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I feel silly and witty I have no idea how to finish this sentence. )

On other notes, I think I need either an Iron Man icon or a Sherlock Holmes icon. Perferably both. Or maybe an Avatar icon. Yes, I liked that movie. Hush.
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You know what? This is all [ profile] bitemetechie's fault. I was innocently reading my f-list page when I came across her most recent post. Loved all the shiny trailers w/Robert Downey Junior in them, and then I saw a link at the bottom of the post that caught my attention. It was for Photoshop Disasters. I start reading, and then after a little bit, come across this, this, and this. I was planning on doing some writing tonight before watching CSI at 10. *throws hands up in the air* Oh, well.

I love you, Techie, I really do. You post some of the best crack-tastic stuff in your journal, among other things, which is why you've got your own official tag and everything. *hugs*

Alright, what on earth is that smell? It suddenly smells like my dog left a mess outside my bedroom door. God, I hope my dad just made some beans or something... EDIT: Ah. My dad warmed up some broccoli for dinner. Lovely.
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These videos are like crack. But the good kind of crack.


Oh Hai!

Oct. 30th, 2009 02:41 am
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Okay, so compare these two pictures for me, and tell me what you think:

Picture one )

Picture two )

Creepy, Y/N?
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Though when I saw

this )

I had to laugh. It made me think of the game Settlers of Catan...
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This site is crack. It's also rather like a train wreck- you can't look away, even though it's awful.

God help me, I need brain bleach.
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If I'm not up and about on LJ for the next few days, it's because of this. My brain has most likely been overloaded by all the insane amount of AWESOMENESS to be found there. Please accept my humble apologies.
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Especially after seeing this:

Yes, I'm a geek. No, I won't stop being one. Sorry.


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