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I love this video. 'Nuff said.


Jan. 11th, 2011 09:45 pm
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I live in Mukilteo, Washington (about thirty-five miles north of Seattle as the gull flies), and we usually have rain this time of year. However, this is what it currently looks like outside my house.

I'm standing on my front porch in this video. What I was saying at the end of the video was "It's a winter wonderland!", but it got cut off.
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You know what just absolutely sold the new Sanctuary episode, "For King and Country", for me this week? The fact that they had Jonathon Young do a Serbian accent for Victorian!Tesla. Observe:

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I've got Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" stuck in my head, courtesy of Glee. I've never watched the series before, and highly doubt that I ever will. I was in the room when my mum was watching it, and she told me that they were singing some of Lady Gaga's songs. I stuck around, and now this song is stuck in my head. So, in order to either get rid of it or to merely share my pain, I present to you:

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Enjoy. And Techie, I hope this helps a little.
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I recently found this and this, and knew I had to share it with you, my wonderful F-list. Have a safe and awesome New Year's Eve! I'll see ya in 2010.
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These videos are like crack. But the good kind of crack.

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Especially after seeing this:

Yes, I'm a geek. No, I won't stop being one. Sorry.
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This? Is so cute. *heart* I can't figure out how to make it any bigger, but it's still watchable. *smiles fondly*


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