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Chapter Word Count: 1,222

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While Gibbs and Ziva were busy, Tony was trying to track down Laura's doctor, having sent Tim back to the Navy Yard with Laura's personal effects and the all-important envelope. Currently, Tony was waiting for Doctor Sanchez to come out of one of her other patients' room, but he had been told it wouldn't take much longer. Whether or not that would turn out to be true remained to be seen; Tony hadn't been told how long whatever procedure Doctor Sanchez was doing would take, nor how long she had already been doing it.

Tony shifted around on the chair he was sitting on in one of the small waiting rooms scattered around each floor of the hospital, struggling to get comfortable, even though the chair was nicely cushioned. He'd never really liked hospitals; the pervading astringent scents of disinfectants and cleaning products never sat well with Tony. That episode with the pneumonic plague hadn't helped much to endear him to places intensely devoted to the medical and healing arts, either.

It took a good forty-five minutes for Doctor Sanchez to finally emerge from the room, during which Tim had called Tony to tell him that he'd be staying at NCIS to help Abby with the GPS search on Commander Dalton's phone while the forensic scientist focused on the newly arrived evidence. Tony supposed it was a good thing they'd taken two cars; Gibbs and Ziva had gone ahead while Tim was still getting ready, leaving Tony to drive the two of them to Reston. As it was, Tony wasn't exactly looking forward to driving back with Gibbs and Ziva, given their idiosyncratic styles of driving, but he supposed he'd just have to make do and deal with it like the grown man he was.

Doctor Sanchez was an older woman who looked to be in her early fifties but as she drew near, Tony caught a whiff of a mildly spicy scent and revised his initial assumption. The good doctor was a Fae, most likely a duine sìth- a Clan known for their healing abilities- if Tony was to be any judge, so appearance could be very deceiving, given the Fae's innate talent for glamours. Doctor Sanchez could be anywhere from her apparent age to a hundred times that and Tony would never know without asking her, something he'd never even think of doing in the first place. Having a Fae being annoyed or offended at him was not on his To-Do list for his life.

'Doctor Sanchez?' he asked, getting to his feet and producing his credentials for her to see. 'I'm Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, and I need to talk to you about one of your patients.'

Sanchez frowned, her dark brown eyes narrowing slightly even as she inspected Tony's badge. Tony was, sadly, used to this kind of reception from those in the medical field, since usually someone from law enforcement asking for information about a patient meant extra time spent on paperwork that could be used elsewhere, not to mention the restraints of the HIPAA laws that affected just what information the doctors could and couldn't give out.

'Which patient would that be, Agent DiNozzo?' Sanchez inquired, sounding resigned to the fact that she'd have to be dealing with Tony for the near future. Tony gave her a charming smile, but his attempts to smooth Doctor Sanchez's ruffled feathers didn't seem to work.

'Lieutenant Laura Cadman. She was brought in last night after collapsing at a gas station. I just need a copy of the preliminary file on her, and then I can be out of your hair.'

Doctor Sanchez gave him a skeptical look.'You could have just faxed over a request, you know,' she told him, and then sighed. 'I'll give you what I can, but if you need anything else, you'll have to come back with a subpoena.'

'Of course,' Tony said, trying out his best smile on the Fae doctor. He didn't get as icy a reception as last time, which gave him some hope. It took a while for one of the nurses that Sanchez had recruited to help Tony- she had to get to her next patient -but eventually Tony had Laura's file in his hands. It would be going to Ducky, who would be looking it over before adding it to the case file.

Now that Tony had the file, he could rejoin Ziva and Gibbs. Of course, now he had to find them. Thankfully, that wouldn't be too hard; he'd just follow the gentle tug of the Pack Bond to where his team was. Being a Were was incredibly useful at times, Tony had to admit, even if it did have its occasional downsides. Still, the good far outweighed the bad, and Tony was happy with his lot in life.


As she watched Evan work with Laura to get a sketch of her captor, Ziva felt Tony pull gently on the Pack Bond they shared, a trick the team commonly used to locate one another in the field when using their cell phones was either discouraged or outright stupid. She felt her inner panther respond to the familiar call; a feeling of contentment at Tony's “touch” welled up in her, but Ziva was practiced in controlling her emotions, thanks to her Mossad training, though it was harder to do with the full moon so close.

~We are still in Lieutenant Cadman's room, Tony,~ she said over the Bond. ~We are almost finished here.~

~Got it. Thanks, Ziva,~ Tony replied, and Ziva could almost see the easy smile he was wearing as he answered her.

Evan was just putting the last few touches on the sketch when Tony came in, and once he was finished, the Major set down the pencil he'd borrowed from the nearest Nurses' Station and then looked up at the three NCIS agents. 'Okay, I've done the best I could. Does this guy look familiar?' he asked, turning the paper-covered clipboard he'd been using as a drawing surface around. Laura had been right when she'd said Evan was talented; while it wasn't at a professional level, very few lines were wasted on the sketch.

Tony and Ziva caught Gibbs' flare of anger and annoyance when he saw the face looking out from the paper, his emotions coming in strong through the Pack Bond.

'You know him, Boss?' Tony asked as Gibbs took the sketch from Evan.

'Yeah, DiNozzo, I do,' Gibbs replied, turning on his heel and striding out of the room without so much as a backward glance at its occupants. After a hasty round of goodbyes, Tony and Ziva scrambled to catch up with their Alpha, who was royally pissed and not caring who knew it.

'Who is it, Boss?' Tony asked as they caught up with Gibbs.

'Commander Dalton,' was all that Gibbs said before jabbing at the down button for the elevator. Tony and Ziva glanced at one another, resigning themselves to the fact that they'd most likely be sleeping on the office floor a lot more until Dalton was caught. Neither one really cared, since they wanted to catch Dalton just as badly as Gibbs did, and now that they had both an eyewitness and solid forensic evidence connecting the Commander to the case, the hunt could continue in earnest.
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