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Chapter Word Count: 558

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The next few days passed without incident, unless the full moon could be counted as an incident. No new bodies were found in that time, and Lieutenant Cadman was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health two days before the full moon. Dalton's labs had been searched while Gibbs' team were in the containment cells at NCIS, but all that had been found were several large, empty cages and various medial monitors. Other than that, it looked as if the labs had been quickly and efficiently emptied out.

The question of who had been responsible for said cleaning had been asked of Dalton, but he had hidden behind his lawyer's advice to say absolutely nothing, and hadn't said a word on the subject. This left the team feeling frustrated once more, Gibbs especially, but they weren't given much time too brood on it, as a new case involving drug smuggling and a missing Marine quickly took priority, and the strange case slowly faded from their immediate memories.

~Six Weeks Later~

It was three in the morning at the Naval Brig Norfolk, and all was quiet. The guards were on their early morning rounds, making sure the prisoners were all accounted for. Arnold Heron, one of the newest Corrections Officers, was just about to take a short break when a brilliant flash of light came from a nearby cell. It was gone in the split second of time it took for Arnold to blink, but he ran towards the cell as he'd been trained, wondering why any of the inmates in the surrounding cells hadn't woken up.

'Control, this is Heron. We've got a problem here,' Arnold said into his radio as he stared at the impossible sight before him.

'What's the situation, Heron?' the CO on duty, Danvers, asked.

'Well, I just saw a bright light come from Cell B-31, and when I went to check it out, it was empty.'

There was a moment of shocked silence, and then Danvers said, 'Come again?'

'B-31 is empty!' Arnold said, panic rising in his voice. 'Commander Dalton isn't inside!'


High above the planet in a specially adapted Goa'uld cargo ship, the man known as Commander Jonas Dalton finished changing out of the prison jumpsuit he'd been wearing, switching to an outfit far more to his liking.

'Better?' his lone rescuer asked, his voice echoing with an odd resonance.

'Much,' Dalton replied, his voice holding the same strange timbre. 'It's good to be finally free of that idiotic prison. It took you far too long to free me, by the way.'

'Well, now that you're free, we can reconnect with the rest of the Tr-'

'No, I don't think so,' Dalton interrupted. 'I think a better plan would be for only one of us to go.'

'What? Why the sudden change of plans, Fen-' Dalton's companion began to ask, but was cut off when he was shot point-blank in the head.

'That's better,' the Goa'uld known only as Fenrir said with a satisfied smirk. 'Not as neat as a zat'ni'katel, perhaps, but still quite efficient.'

Once he'd disposed of the body, Fenrir input the coordinates of the planet where he was supposed to meet up with other members of the Trust, quickly leaving Earth, and all of its inhabitants, behind as the ship jumped to hyperspace.

A/N: Well, that's it for Adagio for the Moon. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it, and I assure you, there's more coming in both this 'Verse and the SGA one that's associated with it. Thanks for reading, and may you never find yourself without a good story, wherever you might travel.
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